Our company is located in Yamagata, Japan. Here is our basic service.

We are contracted to develop websites, AI systems, shopping sites, and applications.

We propose plans to organize our clients' online and marketing environments, including UI changes to existing systems, UX improvements, operational improvements, and building new services. We are able to provide services that are only possible because we run our own restaurants and stores.

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BtoC BtoB

Service Area

We operate a professional division, which is a service for businesses, anda life design division for general services.

Professional division business: Project management business, web development business, AI business, IT service management business, digital marketing business, etc. Digital marketing business, etc.

Life Design Division Business: Food culture business, video business, event space business, media business, overseas e-commerce business, tourism business, etc.


Recommended Books

Recommended Books

原 研哉

原 研哉  (著) 私たちの「デザイン」の要素は、深澤直人さんと今回ご紹介する「白」の作者である原研哉さんのエッセンスが基本となっております。 本書は、色とは何か?という問いから始まり、白から創造する流れ、空白の意味合いなどを茶の湯や伊勢神宮をモチーフとして語られるものです。 本書に登場す...

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京セラフィロソフィ 株式会社SHISEILABO

Kyocera Philosophy

稲盛和夫   (著) This is a famous book by Kazuo Inamori, founder of Kyocera.This book is recommended not only for managers but also for uni...

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Food Culture Business

Cafe Bar Yokohama

Café Living, currently in preparation in Yoshino-cho, Yokohama, will serve Greek and other dishes and is scheduled to open in August 2022.

Video and animation business

Documentary Filmmaking

"project-m" is producing a documentary film on Japanese food culture and entrepreneurship in one's 50s.

Food Culture Business

UUAN Yanaka

Uuan Yanaka is located in Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo. Specializing in tuna and gibier, the restaurant offers casual Japanese cuisine including the finest raw tuna and venison and wild boar meat from Fukuchiyama, Kyoto. We also deliver the finest raw tuna we offer to your home.

The finest ingredients and materials are carefully selected by our executive chef, who comes from a French background and loves Japanese cuisine, and are served in a traditional Yanaka row house old house. We look forward to serving you at Yanaka 6-chome, Taito Ward, where Nippori, Uguisudani, and Nezu Stations are the nearest stations. Dinner reservations are also available.

Online Media


Online media foo-dots, which caters to the international market, provides information on restaurants in Japan.

Online Experience

Cooking ambassador

We offer online and offline cooking classes for international chefs. Please contact us for pricing structure.

Old Folk House Restaurant

UUAN Yanaka -Selling tunas nationwide

UUAN Yanaka is the name of a restaurant located in Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo, offering raw tuna, gibier, sushi, and Japanese cuisine. We will deliver to your home the highest quality raw Pacific bluefin tuna that we offer at our restaurant. Our executive chef, who comes from a French background and loves Japanese cuisine, carefully selects the finest ingredients and materials and serves them in a traditional Yanaka row house old house. We look forward to serving you at Yanaka 6-chome, Taito Ward, where Nippori, Uguisudani, and Nezu Stations are the nearest stations.Dinner reservations are also available.

Tuna is available for purchase at home anywhere in Japan.

Official Store Website



友だち追加 ただいま求人公開中 今すぐチェック 求人ボックス

Food Culture Business Food and Beverage Division

Cooking & Recipes

Engineering Blog

Information for Businesses

社会の人材不足課題に向き合う一つの方法 株式会社SHISEILABO


チャットボットの可能性 AIを用いたサービスは今では社内業務から自治体の顧客サービスの取引等に向けた様々なシーンで取り入れられています。 民間や自治体の顧客向けの取引サービスとして用いられているものとして代表的に取り上げることのできるサービスにチャットボットが挙げられます。 スマートフォンなど...

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What is HTML and CSS?

This is M, our data scientist. In this issue, I will provide information related to the most basic of digital implementation: website creation. Ins...

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Organizational and Business Theory

"We want to open new stores."

With our proprietary research and marketing-driven approach, we create the conditions for success.

Capitalism and Independence

"We want to build our own website."

We will build a new department in your organization.

Business Theory and Relationship Theory

"We're having trouble attracting customers."

We offer not only imitations and ideals, but also "your," ways to attract customers.

Management Theory and Simple Business Theory

We want to operate KPI management in-house."

There is no achievement without goals, and KPI management can transform disparate goals into a single goal.

Medium to large businesses in retail and sales companies

"We want to analyze the data and put it to use."

Data is the cornerstone of objective understanding of a company and organization building. We offer suggestions on how to connect your accumulated data to future profits.

In-house AI system construction

"We want to build an AI system."

We are contracted to develop AI systems using Amazon Web service.

Contract pattern 1

Business planning proposals and management consulting

From a minimum 3 month contract, we will propose a business plan related to a client's new business or new market transition for an existing business. We will create a marketing plan and build internal systems in areas related to digital.

About services

Contract pattern 2

Website and application development

We develop websites and applications in as little as one month using tools such as wordpress and Glide. We also accept stand-alone work with a free estimate for website development. We can also handle UI/UX changes to existing services.

About services

Contract pattern 3

AI System Development (AWS)

We provide and develop basic AI systems such as image classification and time-series prediction using Amazon Web Service such as forecast and sagemaker, as well as services to meet clients' needs.

Our Services

Contract pattern 4

IT Service Management

We provide consulting services for our clients' Internet strategies in the areas of IT know-how and marketing. Contracts are available from as little as 3 months.

Service Guide

Contract pattern 5

Promotion (Advertising)

We advertise on various social networking sites and Google listings/displays. The cost to us is 15% of your advertising budget.

Ad Operation Details

Contract pattern 6

digital marketing

In our digital marketing business, we identify Internet issues and causes for client companies seeking to improve sales and propose various solutions. We review on-site operations and customer attraction from the perspective of customers and management, and create a new corporate culture through contribution to profits and cost reduction.

About Our Digital Marketing

Contract Pattern 7

Data Science Analysis

A data science program is an approach that attempts to use data to draw useful insights for society. In this context, we deal with a cross-section of data-handling methods: information science, statistics, and algorithms.

We convert your company's date and time transaction data into a format that can be operationalized within your company. We build data science programs in line with your business strategy and tactical plans; we build your company's unique data assets based on planned reference data from AI analysis.

About the Data Science Program

Contract pattern 8

PR Video Production

We are producing 60-second PR videos and more. We are currently producing a documentary on our Youtube channel featuring our own restaurants. We will produce a video that can objectively convey the appeal of your company. For overseas clients, we are available for filming in Japan. Please contact us.

Our Youtube Channel

Limited to 3 companies per month

WEB site development

毎月限定3社対応 WEBサイト開発 株式会社SHISEILABO


Monthly limited support for 3 companies Website development

¥50,000 ¥180,000


To contact us, please visit the following page.

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