What to consider to create a good product in the Iot market - how to consider the cons?

Since we started seeing the term "IoT" everywhere in automobiles, houses, etc., various objects are being connected to the Internet at a rapid rate every day.

For example, Wi-Fi-connected IoT appliances.

Panasonic's Sm@Home open/close sensor, can be used to

home network system that can also be notified to a smartphone.
開閉センサー KX-HJS100

Bluetooth/earphone jack connection type IoT home appliances also include products such as Qrio Lock.

This product is a device that can be attached to the thumbturn of a door, allowing the lock to be unlocked/locked with a smartphone.

Another example of a well-known Iot product is Seven Dreamers' Landroid.


For a long time, it was said that "beyond laundry automation is impossible.

LANDROID is a fully automatic clothes folding machine that realizes "automation of clothes after washing.

It has been said that the IoT will make our lives more convenient and accelerate business.

IoT will make our lives more convenient and even accelerate business.

With such products in the market, many companies are now entering the IoT product market.

Some services will sell well, while others will not, as a result of their introduction to the market as IoT products. Companies that are about to enter the IoT product market need to develop services that will sell and introduce a certain number of products at a price that will be appreciated by the market.

In other words, it is important to dispel the stereotype that "as long as you make things connected to the Internet, they will sell." The first step is to evaluate the market, make appropriate investments, and secure experts.

Our first example, Seven Dreamers, Inc.

It seemed to be a leader of the times, attracting more than 10 billion yen in funding due to its buzz, product ideas, and product-out nature.

However, the company itself was forced into bankruptcy about two years after the launch of its fully automatic folding machine due to its inability to build an organization and secure sufficient specialists.

In order to widely promote products in the IoT market, it is at a minimum necessary to rethink the need to connect things to the Internet or Iot, to work with understanding investors and sponsors, and to properly assign experts to the organization.

When the term "cloud" became popular a few years ago, many companies that entered the market with the idea that they could sell their products by making them cloud-based lost the market competition against a similar backdrop.

The same thing has been happening at every business milestone in every era.

Seven Dreamers, which was forced into bankruptcy, implemented IoT functions for its fully automatic garment folding machine without improving its AI-based judgment processing and sensing functions, which were incomplete, and therefore, it was not only not convenient but also expensive.

It is said that the fact that the product was reserved at 1,850,000 yen, a price so high that it could have bought one mini-car, backfired.

Therefore, when we think about IoT products that sell, we can avoid failure and lead to success by considering what makes a product unsuccessful.

This is true for all product and service development, though.

What to consider to create a good product in the Iot market - how to consider the cons?

As is often said that the first step in a college student's job search is self-analysis, a deep and objective understanding of oneself and the product is essential.

After the analysis, you will need to think about what appeals to you, predict what questions you might be asked in an interview, and think about your answers to those questions.

and to anticipate the questions you will be asked in the interview, and to think about your answers to them.

Typical questions include strengths and weaknesses, which are difficult to answer without first analyzing yourself.

In the job search process for university students, we learn about our own shortcomings, learn about our strengths, and build appeal points (in the case of products, functionality and benefits).

It is not easy to objectively grasp strengths, which are the basis of appeal points, and it is said that knowing strengths is more than twice as difficult as knowing weaknesses.

In this regard, when introducing a product to the market, it is important to understand the disadvantages and advantages of IoT-enabling products, so that the ability to make proposals, procurement methods, and the investors, sponsors, and experts to choose from can be changed.

This approach is quite simple and does not need to be put into words, but I believe that it will lead to the development of better products by avoiding the development of IoT products that have no basis in reality or that are prone to trouble.

Author: Y.M

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