JAVA is known as one of the three major languages (java, C++, and Python) used by Google, the leader in the IT market, and is a very popular language that boasts one of the fastest processing speeds among the many programming languages available.

The main feature is that once a program is created, it can be executed on any OS environment.

After the program is created, it is compiled, and the compiled file and the middleware software used to create the program are combined and executed.

Since the middleware software acts as a virtual machine, the program can be executed in any OS environment.

There is another programming language with a similar name, javascript, but the difference is that javascript was developed later than java and does not require an interpreter-based development environment.

However, since javascript was developed as a simplified version of java, it does not have the same functionality as java, but many of its functions tend to be written in a similar way when coding.

The range of applications in which java is used includes sites created on web servers (Rakuten Ichiba is also using java), Android application development, and application development on client PCs. Application development on client PCs applications on client PCs.

Currently, programming languages such as python, ruby, and PHP are also being used, and tend to be listed as requirements for new development projects.

Although there are some innovations that make it easier to develop efficiently from the developer's point of view, considering the difficulty of maintenance and large-scale modifications to existing java systems, it can be expected that java will continue to be used in the future without decline.

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