Philosophy as a Weapon 50 Key Concepts of Philosophy and Thought for Surviving Life

山口 周   (著)

Philosophy, which is often regarded as a "representative of useless studies," can be a powerful weapon for businesspeople. This book, written by a management consultant who is active in the field, shows how to use philosophy.

Chapter 1 Key Concepts on "People" To consider "Why does this person do this?

Logos, ethos, and pathos: Logic alone does not move people (Aristotle)

The banality of evil: Evil is done by ordinary people who have stopped thinking (Hannah Arendt), etc.

Chapter 2 Key Concepts on "Organization" To consider "Why can't this organization change?

The importance of "devil's advocate"--those who dare to "make things difficult" (John Stuart Mill)

Thaw = Disrupt = Refreeze: Change begins by "ending the familiar past" (Kurt Levin), etc.

Chapter 3 Key Concepts on "Society" To understand "What is happening now?

Anomie: The frightening future that lies beyond the "reform of the way we work" (Emile Durkheim)

Paranoids and schizos: If you think you are in trouble, get out of the way (Gilles Deleuze), etc.

Chapter 4 Key Concepts on "Thinking" To avoid falling into the common "pitfalls of thinking

Signifiers and signifiers: The richness of language is directly related to the richness of thought (Ferdinand Saussure)

The key concept of "thinking": To avoid falling into common "thinking pitfalls" ・Signifiers and signifiers: The richness of language is directly related to the richness of thought.

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