Beautiful theories from 149 top runners in the field of knowledge

リチャード・ドーキンス (著), スティーブン・ピンカー (著), V・S・ラマチャンドラン (著), スチュアート・ブランド (著), & 6 その他

What is your favorite profound, elegant, beautiful explanation?" Top runners at the forefront of knowledge, from cosmology to evolution, psychology, philosophy, and art, answer!

Saylor, Dawkins, Pinker, Ramachandran, Jared Diamond...

What is the elegant scientific theory that these giants of knowledge love?

Not only famous revolutionary breakthroughs such as the theory of natural selection, relativity, and continental drift, but also unique "laws" such as the "celestial motion theory," the "pigeon's nest principle," the "Collingridge dilemma," and the "2D:4D ratio. Numerous fascinating explanations that unlock the secrets of this world. This is a lavish collection of ideas that transcends the boundaries of the humanities and sciences, and is truly a synthesis of the world's knowledge.

It is a book to be read quietly and alone at the end of the day while listening to classical music or jazz.

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