Strategic Theory of Probability Thinking - The Power of Math Marketing Proven at USJ

Tsuyoshi Morioka   (Author.), Seiki Imanishi (Author.)

Co-authored by Tsuyoshi Morioka, a marketing expert who has recently made numerous appearances not only on Newspicks and TV, but also on Youtube channels, and Mr. Imanishi.

It should be read not only by marketing professionals, but also by all those who run companies and services in a state where "the soil of the product or service has already been established to some extent".

Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, large business owners, sole proprietors, marketers

Issue or Interest Categories: Preferences, Marketing, Brand Awareness, Branding, Numerical Analysis

Number of pages: 311

Book form: Left-aligned, horizontal

Recommended timing: When you are struggling to sell, when sales are not increasing, when you are having trouble attracting customers, when your brand has not been established

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