Architectural Thinking: A New Technique for Discovering and Solving Problems that Traverses Concrete and Abstract

In the new normal era, the winning patterns of the past will not work.

Let's acquire a new thought process that is necessary in times of change. That is architectural thinking.

Architectural thinking refers to the ability to conceptualize the overall structure of a business at a high level of abstraction on a zero-based basis.

The word "architect" originally meant an architect or designer, but it is also applied in the IT world.

This book explains "architect thinking" that applies the essence of architect to business.

An architect is a person who can create a simple basic concept with a high level of abstraction from a blank sheet of paper.

In order to acquire and master this architectural thinking, it is necessary to

Concrete and Abstract" thinking and a framework to support it.

What is the new way of thinking in business to survive in the new normal era?

Let's install the thinking circuits necessary for a period of change and acquire skills that will last a lifetime. 

Isao Hosoya, author of the bestseller "Train Your Brain Power" and a leading expert on thinking skills, and Koki Sakata, partner of the Institute for Management Co-Organization (IGPI), have teamed up for their first book!

The book has been reprinted in 6 days!

The two front-line business experts reveal a new technique for the overall conception necessary in times of change!

The book provides a detailed explanation of the success factors of a hot unicorn company that is rapidly growing in Southeast Asia.

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