In the past, Japan had its own traditional spirit that was unique to our country. Bushido is one of them. This is evidenced by the fact that Inazo Nitobe published "Bushido" in English in 1899, which caused a great sensation around the world.

At the time, Japan was in the midst of civilization's opening to the outside world. New Western values were rushing in and westernized the entire society.

Seeing this change, Inazo Nitobe began to rethink the question, "What is Japanese?

He thought that "Bushido" was the spiritual pillar of the Japanese people and that it would be beneficial to Japan if it were widely introduced to the world.

This book is a translation into modern Japanese. As in the Meiji period when this book was first published, we have lost sight of our Japanese identity in the midst of rapid globalization. Now is the time for us to rethink what it means to be Japanese. This is an excellent book for rethinking our sense of ethics and morality.

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