Business Model 2.0 Illustrated

Tetsuro Kondo(Writing)

"So that's what that service or that company was all about!" This book gives you an overview of the business model by helping you to realize that. It trains you to think paradoxically and helps you abstract from day-to-day concrete examples. This book is recommended for those who are thinking about starting a business now.

ビジネスモデル2.0図鑑 近藤 哲朗

Introduction What is "Business Model 2.0"? An era in which models with a "paradoxical structure" will prevail

Chapter 1: Objects Providing New "Core Values
Spacious Pre-opening restaurant becomes a co-working space
Seicomart: A community-based convenience store that outperforms even 7-Eleven
Lizap: Thoroughly structured to support "Committed to Results

Chapter 2: Money Creating a New "Flow of Money
Time Bank Time is money. A marketplace for buying and selling time
CASH: Take a photo of your belongings and immediately convert it into cash.
Polypoly An app that encourages communication between citizens and politicians

Chapter 3 Information Using new "technology
ZOZOSUIT ZOZO's "body suit for measurements
Amazon Go Amazon's "unmanned convenience store" in Seattle
Shiba-Ma Credit A system to score "personal credit" such as personal connections and behavior

Chapter 4: People Involving new "stakeholders
POPTEPIC: A "shitty anime" that boasts of its fanaticism
WeLive Community-oriented residential style following "WeWork" (shared office)
Humanium Illegal guns turned into stylish watches and bicycles

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