The Compendium of Copywriting Techniques - Principles of Words that Sell for a Hundred Years

The topic of conversation is booming! President Kinoshita, a prime TSE-listed president and active marketer, makes a shocking raw confession.

This book will save you 100 AB tests. 3,520 yen is like a freebie." "By spending 4 hours reading this book, you can save 400 hours of time worrying about creativity." "For web creatives, this book is full of "know-how you can use immediately. To be honest, from my point of view as a competitor, I don't want the book to sell too well because it will increase the competition because the reader's skills will improve "immediately" (laugh). Don't get me wrong, it is not a book about the art of good writing, but about copywriting to get the most results on the Internet. Do not make this mistake. It is fundamentally different from the copywriting books that are out there.

The book has been praised as "a new book worth reading" by Top Point, a trusted magazine that has been reviewing the book since 1987.

Top Point, a trusted book review magazine since 1987, praised the book as "a new book worth reading.

The book systematically outlines 100 copywriting techniques that directly lead to increased sales.

It is truly a practical manual worthy of the name 'compendium.

The book is thick, yet easy to read and rich in content. Featured in the Nikkei Newspaper!

Amazon No. 1 ranking! 

◎First publication of 100 copywriting techniques that thoroughly pursue "selling" in the digital age!

The culmination of 25 years of experience as a leading copywriter! The most powerful textbook without equal.

The first book release!

BTRNUTSS headline checker

PASBECONA Template] [PMM Search Sheet

Four skills (judgment, thinking, expression, and transmission) can be acquired.

Copywriting Techniques 100

Author appearance on NHK E-television's "Soken-tachi no Sokojiryoku Chieisen"!

Perfectly compatible with paper, web, and smartphones!

Everything from beginner to advanced in one book!

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