Dakishimeraretai。(Hobonichi Books)

糸井 重里   (著)

It is a book that you want to read on a moment's notice and keep by your side at all times. It is a book that you can read at a moment's notice and always keep close to you.

The "Small Words" series is a collection of memorable short words from Shigesato Itoi's manuscripts and tweets over the past year.

The "Small Words" series of books is a collection of memorable short words from Shigesato Itoi's year of manuscripts and tweets.

Looking back, Shigesato Itoi is a person who has no interest in publishing books, which means that this series is the only book in the world that contains words written by Shigesato Itoi.

This is the 10th book in the series, which has been published one book a year.

The fluffy knit that adorns the cover was knitted by Mariko Mikuni. knitted by Ms. Mariko Mikuni.

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