Homo Deus, vol. 1: Technology and the Future of Sapience

A masterful book that addresses the history and present of our human race from a variety of specialized angles. This is a book that reminds us that the imaginations and thoughts of historical mankind have created the present.

This book is a must-read for managers as well as students. The upper and lower volumes are thick, so we recommend listening to the book on audible first.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Humanity's New Challenge

The Biological Poverty Line / The Invisible Horde / Breaking the Law of the Jungle / The Last Day of Death / The Right to Happiness / Gods of the Planet Earth / Will Someone Please Hit the Brakes? / The Paradox of Knowledge / The Lawn Microhistory / The Guns of Act I

Part 1: Homo sapiens conquers the world

Chapter 2 The Anthropocene

Children of the Snake / Ancestral Desires / Creatures are Algorithms / Agrarian Arrangements / Five Hundred Years of Solitude

Chapter 3: Human Brilliance

Who's Afraid of Charles Darwin? / Why the Stock Exchange has no consciousness / The equation of life / The depressing lives of laboratory rats / The self-conscious chimpanzee / The clever horse / Long live the revolution! / Beyond sex and violence / The web of meaning / A world dominated by dreams and fictions

Part 2: Homo sapiens gives meaning to the world

Chapter 4: Storytellers

Living on Paper/Scripture/The System Works but ......

Chapter 5: The Funny Couple of Science and Religion

Pathogens and Demons/ If You Meet Buddha/ Faking God/ Sacred Doctrine/ Witch Hunts

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