Mitsubachi to enrai 蜜蜂と遠雷

Riku Onda 恩田 陸   (writing)

Introduced this time is a novel. This book is one that conveys the emotions of this world's competitive society through music. The author's unique expression makes the distinctive characters come vividly to life. A book to read when you are tired.

Does God still love me?

A coming-of-age novel depicting human talent, destiny, and music, set in a piano competition.

The author's unquestionable masterpiece!

The Yoshigae International Piano Competition is held every three years. In recent years, the emergence of a new talent, a champion, has become an event in the music world. The boy, JIN KAZAMA, 15 years old, lives with his father, a beekeeper, from place to place and does not have a piano at home. Eiden Aya, 20, who once won junior competitions in Japan and abroad as a musical prodigy and even made her CD debut, has been unable to play the piano for a long time since the sudden death of her mother when she was 13 years old. Akashi Takashima, 28, is a music college graduate who now works as an office worker at a music store and is just barely within the age limit for the competition. Masaru C. Levy-Anatole, 19, a student at the prestigious Juilliard School, is considered a potential winner due to his perfect technique and musicality. In addition to them, many other geniuses are engaged in a struggle against themselves in the name of competition. Who will win the first, second, third and final rounds and who will be the winner?

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