Invent & Wander──Jeff Bezos Collected Writings

Even though he has become so famous and influential, his personality behind the example of his exuberant laughter is somewhat shrouded in mystery. Nevertheless, by following the trajectory of his life and his writings, we can see what makes him tick.

Through this book, readers will learn many lessons and discover hidden truths from Bezos' interviews, writings, and his annual letters to shareholders, which he has been writing since 1997.

We like to invent and try new things," Bezos said. "We want to invent and try new things," Bezos said. In the process of invention, you are bound to make a lot of mistakes.

Bezos says his interest in space travel keeps him focused on the distant future. The ability to look far into the future, as he has done at Amazon, is one of Bezos' many strengths. In Blue Origin's corporate philosophy, Bezos states.

Blue Origin patiently pursues its long-term goals, step by step.

Blue Origin's corporate logo incorporates the words "Gradatim Ferociter" in Latin. Its meaning is "step by step, fiercely.

(Walter Isaacson, "INTRODUCTION")

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