Start with an Issue: The "Simple Essence" of Intellectual Production

In this issue, we would like to recommend a classic book that has updated the way many business people work and think from the very essence: "Start with an Issue: The Simple Essence of Intellectual Production.

Written by Kazuto Ataka, who is also the author of "Shin Nihon," a book we introduced to you previously, it is a wonderfully persuasive and applicable practical book that explains the path of thinking at work in the smallest unit of task processing.

It is also available on audible, so it is a book that I hope will come in handy.

From amazon.

What you need to do is one-hundredth of what you should be doing!

Consultants, Researchers, Marketers, Planners ......

Thinking for professionals who earn by the change they create.

Brain Science x McKinsey x Yahoo!

This book is the ultimate problem-solving method created by a triple career.

Problem-setting and problem-solving methods common to "overwhelmingly productive people

An "issue" is a problem that has not yet been settled between two or more groups, and a problem that satisfies both conditions of "fundamental or unclear. Most of what you consider to be a "problem" is not an "issue = problem that should be settled now, at this stage of the game. If you really want to do valuable work, if you really want to make a difference in the world, the first step is to identify the "issue.

Table of Contents

Introduction What Good Intellectual Production Has in Common

■Introduction The idea of this book - the "dog's way out"

Chapter 1: Issue Driven - "Identifying" before "Solving

Chapter 2 Hypothesis Driven (1) - Break down the issue and assemble a story line

Chapter 3 Hypothesis Driven (2) - Storyboarding the story

Chapter 4 Output Driven ──Conducting the actual analysis

Chapter 5 Message Driven──Summarize "what to communicate

Conclusion Start with "small daily successes

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