Job Theory: The Mechanism of Consumption that Makes Innovation Predictable (HarperCollins Nonfiction)

Why didn't that product sell?

This book by Professor Christensen, the proponent of "Disruptive Innovation Theory

When a customer selects product A and buys it, it means that he or she has to hire A to do a job.

When a customer "chooses to buy product A," it means "hiring product A to do a job that needs to be done.

A best-of-business book for the 21st century by the author of "The Innovation Dilemma. Innovation depends on customer data (this segment is highly similar to that segment; 68% of customers prefer product A to product B). 68% of customers prefer product A to product B, etc.), market analysis, or spreadsheet numbers.

The key lies in the "jobs customers want to get done.

Clayton Christensen, one of the world's most influential management scholars, reveals the mechanism of the very act of buying things.

When a customer buys a product, he or she "hires" something to solve a job that hasn't been done yet.

Big data tells us "who" customers are, but not "why" they buy.

The key to successful innovation lies in causal relationships, which cannot be quantified.

Capture the "non-consumers" who are not buying your products or the products of other companies.

Cases discussed in this publication

IKEA, General Motors (GM), Southern New Hampshire University, Procter & Gamble (P&G), Air B&B, Amazon, and others.

Procter & Gamble (P&G), Airbnb, Amazon, etc.

From the Table of Contents

Introduction Why "hire" this book?

Getting Better at Being Wrong / What Job Did You "Hire" That Product For?

[Part 1: Overview of Job Theory]

Chapter 1 The Milkshake Dilemma

Morning Milkshake/Margarine Resume/Job Theory and Innovation

Chapter 2: Progress, Not Product

How to Think, Not "What" / Defining Jobs / Functional, Social, and Emotional Complexity / What Jobs Are, Not Jobs / How to Identify Jobs / Changing Competitive Forces / Limitations of Job Theory / The Copernican Turn

Chapter 3: Buried Jobs.

Competing with Nothing/Job Applicability is Deep and Wide/Jobs in B2B/Double the Price, Half the Functionality/Jobs in the Life of the Customer

[Part 2: Depth and Potential of Job Theory]

Chapter 4 Job Hunting.

Where are the jobs? /1Look for jobs close to your life / 2Compete with non-consumption / 3Measurements in between / 4What to avoid if possible / 5Unexpected uses / Emotional considerations / No need for magic

Chapter 5: Listening to What Customers Don't Say

Creating the Customer's Story/ The Path to Mattress Purchase/ Behind the Impulse Buy/ Advil, Red Bull, or a New Mattress/ Jobs and Insights

Chapter 6: Writing a Resume.

Decoding the Job/Experience and Premium Pricing/Removing Obstacles/Uber Experience/How to Tell You're Right for the Job/Purpose Brand

[Part 3: Organization of "Jobs to Clean Up"]

Chapter 7: Job-Centric Integration.

The Secret Sauce / Creating a Job-Centered Organization / What Can Be Measured Can Be Done / OnStar Jobs

Chapter 8: Keeping an Eye on Jobs.

Three Fallacies of Innovation Data/1 Active vs. Passive Data Fallacy/2 Apparent Growth Fallacy/3 Fallacy of Confirmatory Data/Data Sources Create Problems/Capturing Passive Data Actively

Chapter 9: Job-Centered Organization

The Intuitive Operations Notebook / The Two-Sided Compass / Measuring What Matters / Jobs Changed Everything / Never Lose Context

Chapter 10: The Future of Job Theory

Can we really call it a theory / When theories are "wrong" / Limitations of theories / Depth and breadth of application of job theory / Personal jobs / Public education / Health care / Jobs in life / With job theory

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