Kotler & Keller's Marketing Management, 12th ed.

Philip Kotler (Author.), Kevin Lane Keller (Author.), 恩藏 直人 (supervising), 月谷 真紀 (translation)

This book is one of the best recommendations for all aspiring marketers, for managers, for entrepreneurs, and for those who are thinking about starting their own business now. It is the basis for all of our marketing projects. (Takeyama can't stop talking about this book.)

Kotler & Keller's Marketing Management, 12th Edition Philip Kotler

This book is the Japanese translation of Marketing Management, Twelfth Edition, Prentice-Hall, 2006, by Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller.

The original book, Marketing Management, is the definitive advanced marketing text for anyone who has studied marketing seriously. It has been widely adopted by the world's top business schools, including Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, where Professor Kotler is a member. Of course, many graduate students at business schools in Japan also seem to have a copy of this book. Since its first edition in 1968, Marketing Management has been published in 12 editions. Although the book has the same title, the content of each edition has been enhanced and adapted to the needs of the times. In Japan, it has influenced many researchers and practitioners as the bible of marketing.

The most significant feature of this Japanese translation of the 12th edition is the inclusion of Professor Keller of the Tuck School of Management at Dartmouth College as a new co-author. Professor Keller is known as a leading expert in brand research and consumer information processing research, and the addition of his knowledge dramatically enhances the appeal of Marketing Management.

Another major feature of this book is that the illustrations and figures have been retained in the translation, which is extremely faithful to the original work. In the Japanese translation of the 10th edition, many color photographs were used for the frontispieces. However, due to publishing conditions and other reasons, the color pictures were collected at the beginning of the book, and the figures and tables in the text were in black and white. By reproducing the style of the original book, readers can now read the book in Japanese without losing any of the original appeal of Marketing Management. Considering the marketing text market in Japan, this change can be considered an innovation.

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