The Teal Organization - The Emergence of a Next-Generation Organization that Defies Management Conventional Wisdom

フレデリック・ラルー (著), 嘉村賢州 (その他), 鈴木立哉 (翻訳)

The famous book Visionary Company is probably overflowing with readers around the world who have read it many times. The importance of organization is something we recognize every day, as it is said that thinking about who to put on the bus first before what to do is essential for a transcendent organization.

The teal organization provides a theory of organization with historical background that is super helpful.

When a service or product is incomplete, the organization and its members are of utmost importance.

There is no end to the desire to work with people who have a flexible mindset and a core but can adapt to a changing environment.

◆What is "teal"? The author expressed the evolution of organizations in human history in terms of color wavelengths. The latest "evolutionary (teal) organization" refers to organizations that adopt completely new management practices that are emerging around the world.

[Developmental stages of the organizational model].

Impulsive (Red)...... first form of organizational life, from a few hundred to tens of thousands of people. Domination by force, fear. Division of labor is established by understanding the division between self and others and simple cause and effect relationships. e.g.) Mafia, gangs, etc.

Adaptive (Amber)...... tribal society to an age of agriculture, state, civilization, and bureaucracy. Understanding of cause and effect relationships through the flow of time, planning becomes possible. Birth of hierarchical structures based on rules, discipline, and norms, e.g., church, military, bureaucracy, etc.

Achievement-oriented (Orange)...... development of science and technology, and the era of innovation and entrepreneurship. From "command and control" to "prediction and control. Birth of meritocracy. Efficient and complex hierarchical organizations, e.g., multinational corporations, etc.

Pluralistic (Green)...... community-based organizations that emphasize diversity, equality, and culture. Bottom-up decision making, numerous stakeholders. Examples: municipalities, non-profit organizations, Southwest Airlines, etc.

Evolutionary (Teal)......Toward an era of life-form organizations in an era of rapid change. With unique practices that emphasize self-management, wholeness, and purpose of existence.

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