Think Like an Amazon 50 Ideas for Thoughts and Actions to Make Your Work Unbeatable

John Rossman   (著), 渡会圭子 (翻訳)

●50 Tips for Business Success by a former Amazon executive who launched Amazon Marketplace. This book reveals the secrets of Jeff Bezos and Amazon's growth and success. The book also introduces how to create FAQs, how to create 6-page documents, and other familiar and easy-to-follow methods that can be used in your daily work.

Introduction: What would Jeff do?

Part 1: 15 Ideas for Everyone to be Innovative [Corporate Culture

1. reset the clock
Your journey is far and the road is winding

2. greed or mission?
Be strategic and honest about what you care about and be obsessed with winning.

3. move forward to get back to day one
Change the current corporate culture

4. it's not the same as being obsessed
create a culture of caring about customers

5. don't follow what they say to get along
The risk of social cohesion has severe consequences

6. get results
manage dependency

7. each person has a sense of responsibility
Compensation Strategies for Corporate Optimization 8.

8. don't create a country club culture
Be Hungry in the Midst of Success

9. make the elephant dance
Portfolio Strategy and Governance for Innovation

10. you are the Chief Product Officer
The New Management Science for Makers

11. do you want to be misunderstood?
Lessons from Amazon's Biggest Innovation

12. make the gatekeepers your allies
Finance, Tax, Legal, HR ... to get everyone working to "get it done

13. blow up the organizational chart
Don't let organizational structure and job titles get in the way of progress

14. games for innovation
promote creativity in a fun way

15. door desk award for corporate culture
Why the "desk" with "legs" attached to the "door" is an Amazon icon

Part 2: 15 Ideas for Digital, Truly Useful Innovations [Strategy

16. mission impossible
What it means to "be digital

17. experiment, fail, wash out, repeat
Plan and execute experiments to succeed digitally

18. want to be a platform company?
Platform Strategies for Others 19.

19. your company is a technology company
To succeed digitally, diversify how you do things

20. pizza for everyone!
The Magic of Small, Self-Directed Teams

21. never give up!
Don't fall into the trap of past glory

The Next Generation of Business Excellence

23. OPW
Strategies for Other People's Work

24. the magic of the coercive function
Get it right and your team will soar!

25. what's your springboard?
systems thinking in strategic development

26. why is this so hard?
Reduce Friction and Drive Innovation

27. giving your customers superpowers
Dream Businesses and Enduring Needs.

28. think differently
question the status quo

29. learn by doing
Amazon Style Business Expansion and Innovation

30. don't let go of your operating system
Partners, Vendors, and Strategy

Part 3: 11 Ideas for Using Technology, Not Being Used by Technology [Business and Technology

31. lies, lies and metrics
Meetings are metrics. It's important to know what to use as a metric

32. process vs. bureaucracy
Build a process that can expand and contract.

33. calculate
The road to automation and AI starts with formulas

34. what emotions and behaviors emerge from the experience
Designing and Evaluating Customer Satisfaction Experiences to Win

35. what is your "amazon go" technology?
How Will the Internet of Things Create New Customer Satisfaction Experiences?

36. information security must die

37. OP1.
The Painful Process of Planning

38. strategic workforce planning
Allocating Employees to Expand and Innovate the Business

39. the core design concept is a business strategy
Winning with Technology and Design Concepts

40. questions you should be asking
Ask these questions of your CIO (Chief Information Officer) -- for everyone's benefit

41. the end of artificial, artificial intelligence
Prepare for the Future of Machine Learning

Part 4: 9 Ideas to Amazonize Your Work [Approach & Execution

42. one-way door or two-way door?
Making Good Decisions Faster

43. raise the bar
avoid big mistakes when it comes to hiring

44. narratives about narratives
Don't use PowerPoint

45. future press releases
Define the future and get your team on board

46. anticipate "frequently asked questions"
Answer others' questions for your benefit

47. write a user manual before you start building it
start from the customer's point of view and take a backward approach

48. you are made of what you eat
make change happen through your executive team's reading list

49. finance for fools
Free Cash Flow, Accounting, and Fixes

50. now where to start to Amazonize your own business

50 1/2: A course of action is not a poster

Speed, Agility, and the Pursuit of Digital Leadership

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