We can manage your company's advertising on Google, Yahoo! We can place your advertisements on smart phones, PC applications, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and various browsers. We can manage listing ads, targeted ads, display ads, video ads, etc., according to your objectives and products. The cost for advertising management is 15% of the advertising budget.

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Yahoo, gooleの活用、SNSの活用、CPN(キャンペーン)設定、適正な予算配分、クリック数や問い合わせ数・CV数・季節や天候を考慮した運用、エリアごとの適正運用、商材ニーズや傾向を把握した運用を行います。


Advertising Issue 1

Low IMP / impression

Main Factors
Low CPC may be due to insufficient inclusion of search keywords. The number of sessions may also be low due to low product listings.

Improvement measures
・Raise CPC
・Include appropriate search keywords in product listing pages
・Daily keyword management
・Promote action by subdividing unlisted products and products

Advertising Issue 2

Low CTR/click through rate

Main Factors
Title and product name do not match

Main improvement measures
・Improvement of titles
・Include words that appeal to the needs in the title.
・Scrutinize keywords in product pages
・Select products with high relevance
・Restructure the campaign by closely examining low and high CTR products.

Advertising Issue 3

High CPA/Cost per-action

Main Factors
Budget consumption due to wasted clicks and low CVR conditions are disproportionate to the market.

Improvement measures
・Improve CTR and CVR
・Implement area-specific campaigns for products with low CPA
・Review the overall budget in conjunction with CPN implementation

Advertising Issue 4

Low CV/conversion (low CV Rate)

Main Factors
・Lack of information
・Not attractive to customers
・Content does not match the title

Improvement measures
・More detailed product information
・Improve photos, videos, and bullet points
・Use more characters within the maximum character count to make it easier to understand.
・EFO measures (simplification)
・Campaigns based on response, area, products, keywords, etc.
・Specificity of titles, measures to increase raw synthesis with product information

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How to operating

We set KPIs for ad operations from the overall operation of web initiatives, and perform PDCA cycles for each ad campaign. From the start of the implementation of measures, we verify, analyze, and convert into data the numerical values necessary for the improvement cycle, and incorporate them into operations.


How to improve

Improve product listings by campaign, including correcting click and inquiry bias, and correcting wasted clicks.


index item

We consider Impressions/IMP, Clicks, Click Rate/CTR, Cost Per Click/CPC, Conversions/CV, Conversion Rate/CVR, Cost Per Action/CPA, etc. as indicators.


analysis item

Market analysis of new users and existing customers by inquiry time, purchase time, day of the week, gender ratio, type, age, phase, flow path, length of stay, etc.


How to use

We will use advertising tools and google analytics to datamined and analyze inquiry and buyer information. We will use this information to understand user trends within our web services and to set personas for campaigns and content creation.

Learn from and make the most of advertising operations

Learn from and make the most of advertising operations

Advertising costs are not just for advertising.

Verification by campaign and by product, budget digestion progress checks, and daily hit verification, which are conducted through ad operations, will be deployed to strengthen distribution through official LINE accounts.

Identify current issues based on company vision and business plan. Examine digital affinity and identify and set KPIs based on daily transactions. Examine the current digital issues and the use of digital from a long-term perspective, and classify the back-end (internal operations) and front-end (customer attraction operations). Divide back-end (internal operations) and front-end (customer attraction) operations.

Formulate the overall digital strategy and introduce specific digital tools from the KPI perspective, business strategy perspective, and activity plan perspective.

We will be in charge of your company's digital advertising operations.

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