TETSUGAKU Guiding Philosophy

Our common sense tells us that work is supposed to be fun and intrinsically satisfying.

If we are not enjoying ourselves at work, something, somewhere, is wrong. It may be time to think positively and change and act.

We believe that our growth as individuals and the long-term growth of our organization are important. The purpose of our existence is neither to maximize profits nor to expand the size of our organization.

However, we must be a company and a team that provides profitable services with a global perspective. If we do not, we will not enjoy our work and our ability to provide valuable services will be constrained.

Our common sense tells us that the flip side of the coin marked "success" is not "failure" but "growth."


purpose・meaning of our life

Our purpose is to be a role model and a means of social change, and to provide solutions that enhance the quality of people's lives.

In our daily activities, we review Japanese culture and world content, unraveling their constituent processes and updating them to new standards of value.

About us

Our Business

Web development business, AI business, IT service management business, promotion business, food culture business, video business, event space business, media business, overseas EC business, tourism business

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About Company

Corporate Information

Company Name: SHISEILABO Inc.

Representative: Wataru Takeyama, CEO

Established: February 9, 2015

Capital: 2.5 million yen (as of September 30, 2021)

Home Location: 5-12-8 Nakasato, Tendo, Yamagata Prefecture

Number of Employees: 10

Stock code: unlisted (as of June 2022)

Accounting firm: Minato Certified Public Accountants and Tax Accountants Office

Corporate Mission 2025


We will demonstrate the ideal vision of the daily lives of people around the world (life design) and the daily operations of companies around the world (professionalism) as a reality and practice a higher quality of management than ever before, while at the same time winning in the market.

As a firm that is as innovative and innovative as Apple, but provides services in the Japanese style, we will establish a reputation as a growth company that has caused social change in the 2020s


About the Representative

Born in 1988 in Fuchu City, Tokyo, Japan; graduated in 2013 from Yamaguchi University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Kansei Design Engineering; started as a sole proprietor in January 2014. Moved to Yamagata Prefecture in July 2014. Established this company in 2015 and started a management consulting business for restaurants and onsen ryokans in Yamagata Prefecture. Started a joint business (experience tours) with a Tokyo-based company that operates an inbound tourism business in 2018. Started selling AI and AR cameras for soccer in Japan from 2019. Started inbound business as its own business in January 2020. Started Foodots business, a video distribution media service of food culture, from May 1, 2020, and started restaurant management in Tokyo in May 2021. Director of HANAMURA Inc. from October 2021

February 2015

Tokyo to Yamagata

February 9, 2015, founded in Hatagomachi, Yamagata City as a company providing business improvement services for hot spring inns (Capital: 1.5 million yen, CEO: Wataru Takeyama) Started Python-based reservation system development, CMS website creation, management, operation, and cernage design production. Started comprehensive consulting services for onsen ryokan and hotels.

Beginning of IT Business

Introducing Google My Business to other companies

Launched own web application development service, marketing research service, and Google customer attraction support service. Received orders for directing services for a restaurant in Yamagata Prefecture, including overall web strategy, product concept development, photography, and promotion strategy. Started annual contract with a new onsen ryokan (hot spring). (Occupancy rate increased by 55%) Selection of OTA, development of new accommodation plans, overall web strategy, design production, proposal and implementation of new operation


Contract Development and Consulting

Enhanced collaboration with external services

Contracts with six hot spring inns in Yamagata, Iwate, and other prefectures. Also received orders for work from hot spring inn associations. Utilizing a subsidy from the Japan Tourism Agency's FY27 supplemental budget plan, we translated Muslim-responsive manuals and languages. Conducted web promotions to attract new customers and overseas sales (Taiwan) to attract inbound travelers / Focused on developing and implementing communication strategies for onsen ryokan guests (customers), including new sales to TTAs, OTAs, and lodging business-related companies, as well as selecting existing business partners.

Start marketing

Providing marketing to corporate services

Contracted with a general commercial food manufacturer and wholesaler in Yamagata Prefecture to begin general marketing operations.

This work included building a management system, reducing costs, implementing an order and supply system, increasing sales efficiency and speed, improving profit margins, participating in product launch events to announce new products and conduct market research, developing new markets, internet sales, and managing internal employees (improving the company's internal environment). He has developed a comprehensive production business, including marketing strategy planning and operational improvements for a company that operates 10 restaurant outlets in Tokyo.

Beginning of App Development

Social Game App Development

Started life design division including online food sales, experience tour service, and payment support service. Started project management business for the service division of a venture company (social game application development company) in Shibuya. Built up expertise in the latest business systems and the latest operation management systems.

Launched own service brand

Inbound Business

Received an order for project management of web media development for a major IT company in Tokyo. He managed a team of several dozen people and implemented a web strategy to increase the media's monthly UUs by 500,000. Started AI/AR camera product development in Japan in collaboration with a company in Shenzhen, China. Began considering the need for in-house AI development. Continued to receive orders from event planning companies in Tokyo for graphic design, poster production, and website development. Received orders for overall marketing work to improve sales and occupancy rates for travel tour products in Tokyo. Implemented channel and communication strategies for overseas customers, given the nature of the product with 98% inbound customers.

own brand


Strengthened inbound tourism business; launched Foodots, a video distribution media service for food culture, in May 2020; started BtoB app development and launched a professional division; and launched a new business unit, "Foods for the Future", in December 2011.

Start of restaurant

Strengthen distribution of Japanese food culture

In our food culture business, we started UUAN, an old private house restaurant in Tokyo that serves raw tuna and gibier, and increased capital (2,500,000 yen) with the addition of two shareholders.

Online Community


Preparing a cafe in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan.

Yamagata Branch Office

4-8-17 Matsunami, Yamagata City


Departmental Missions

Life Design Division
By 2027, establish a Japanese-style auberge loved by people all over the world, starting from UUAN Yanaka.

Professional Division
By 2025, establish a position as an IT platform for corporate services and lay the foundation for a consulting firm.