STEP1:Identification of issues

Digital Issues Service/Product Issues

Management issues (business strategy, etc.)
Activity issues (KPI setting, etc.)

[Search engine optimization (SEO)]
■Optimal use of Google My Business
■CPN design based on numerical value verification
■Providing the latest information on new services
■Support for cooperation with other services
■Support for optimization and updating of web services

STEP2: Digital re-enforcement

Keyword measures/product information listing

Google My Business
Yahoo and other search engines

■Support for Product Information Listing
■Provision of keyword trend words
■Provision of title/text examples
■Implementation of employee study sessions

STEP3: Preference enhancement

Market information linkage to be seen/market competition measures

Enhanced Exposure
Free Distribution on SNS
Distribution of SNS advertisements

In-house media management, etc.
New brand enhancement

■Sharing of other media trends
■Proposal of new reprinted media
■Provide market data/propose countermeasures
■Analysis of user needs

STEP4: Strengthen customer service

How to view data, analyze methods, and identify issues

YouTube Operation
Official LINE account

■Analysis and data provision of Google and other analysis reports
■Analysis of buyer and segment trends
■Improvement planning for priorities, special features, etc.
■Strengthening of channel operations such as official LINE accounts

For the growth of your company's services

Strengthening the ability to attract digital customers

We will operate and propose new online customer attraction measures on Google, SNS, and web applications. We will increase end-user usage of services, propose and improve user-oriented content, and strengthen cooperation with your business partners. We will set goals from the perspective of management and executives, and propose tactics at the field level, while developing PR/feature strategies, creating marketing data, verifying the effectiveness of each measure, and conducting other thorough marketing activities. We also conduct thorough marketing and KPI management, including the formulation of PR/featured strategies, creation of marketing data, and verification of the effectiveness of each measure.

Facing the challenges of the digital domain

We'd like to see the site's design, structure, functionality, and other issues stored in the company's knowledge base.

■Maps, free word and quick search
We will review the product search axis, map, free word search, and quick search, and propose a design that enhances usability and convenience for customers (users), and make it your company's knowledge.

■Increased site circulation with multiple product information contents
We provide data on the synergistic effects of implementing and combining content that strengthens inquiries and reservations. We will create a layout that enhances the linkage between each product page and its contents.

■We also propose the implementation of videos and the use of chatbots, etc.

■Propose EFO measures (verification and improvement of reservation forms and registration flow)

■Launch of product information media for online customer service

※Page design and content production are also available.

Please contact us first.

Inquiry Consultation

• What we would like to confirm:Hearing about your current business domain, products and services, business scale, organizational structure, etc.
• Items to be confirmed by your company:Your plan to promote digitalization from a long-term perspective.

Confirmation of contract details

Requirement Definition and Estimation

• What we would like to confirm:Budget for the project, expected duration of the contract, roadmap, milestones, etc.
• Items to be confirmed by your company:The nature of the contract and how far you plan to grow the digital domain

Contract & Payment

conclusion of a contract

• What we would like to confirm:From hearing to submission of quotation and contract
• Items to be confirmed by your company:Payment of the contract amount at the end of the following month (for monthly contracts, the payment cycle ends at the end of the following month)

Initial Regular Meeting

Kick-off meeting

- Frequency of regular meetings thereafter: Once a month (*After that, bi-weekly meetings will be held until the measures implemented are on track.)
- Content: Confirmation of reporting and communication methods, confirmation of operational status of various accounts, organization and revision of tactical tasks, confirmation of strategies, consultations, etc.
- Location: Online or at your company

Definition of Deliverables

Cooperative Value

- Measure effectiveness, collaborate progress of projects, and conduct regular meetings
- Adapt to contractual requirements