Web site, system development, shopping site development

We develop official websites and e-commerce sites in as little as one month.

English sites are also supported. The monthly fee for a site we develop is a flat 13,000 yen for the first year after delivery; from the second year, the monthly fee is 9,000 yen.


Consultation for system development

Discounts and other discounts are available upon request.

Prices and Services

Development Details
Web site and shopping site

Initial cost
Home page: 5 pages/180,000 yen
Shopping site: 5 pages / 240,000 yen

Monthly Fee
First year: 13,000 yen
2nd year: 9,000 yen
3rd year and thereafter: 8,000 yen

Optional Fees
Photography: 20,000 yen (including travel expenses)
Google My Business setup: 10,000 yen (first time only)
PR video shooting: 60 seconds/50,000 yen

・Number of websites created: 240
・Number of smartphone apps developed: 18
・Google My Business: 80

No burden on your company

What you need to prepare

Required items to be provided
Required: company information, product information, management philosophy, 5 photos, company colors (main and sub)

Optional items to be prepared
Video, material photos, other PR information

※We are happy to consult with you on the creation of a management philosophy and purpose.

Contacting us

Please contact us first.

Please contact us via our email address (operation@shisei-labo.com) or through our contact page.

Contact from us

We will contact you.

We will contact you based on your inquiry. We will contact you within 2-3 business days of your inquiry.

We will be happy to discuss with you.

One meeting

We will have one meeting either in person or online. The meeting will include a discussion of your company's current challenges, a review of items you would like us to prepare for you, and a discussion of your company's business and history. The meeting will last approximately two hours.


Contract stage - Development period Delivery

After submitting a quote and a proposal for the content of the site and a sense of schedule, we will sign a contract online. From the signing of the contract, we will start defining the requirements for the development, which will take approximately 3 weeks, followed by the development of the mock site and delivery.

Our website is also developed in-house.

We will provide a new wind and environment for your company.

Think 1

Development Motivation

■Create a mechanism to make product listings more attractive for products and services(Cooperation with product providers and product suppliers and improvement of usage rate)

■Create a motivation to use (or benefit from using) web services(Enrich product pages and contents)

■Propose information and services that web service users want to use(Proposals to improve customer attraction and increase CVs)



Support existing customers and at the same time create information to attract new customers and clients.

■Effective use of word of mouth and company branding
■Verification of approaches to customer service and generation of data through new initiatives
■Posting company information, attracting customers through new media, etc.

Think 3

in-house production

■Media development manual support (optional service) Support for analysis of "desired information" and regular information distribution (support for information distribution to product suppliers (BtoB), including distribution operation and effectiveness verification. Support for distribution operation and effectiveness verification.)

■Support for original media production and development. In-house support for the creation and development of original media, including a smartphone version, a collection of product creation points, and a keyword collection utilizing the Keyword Planner and Google Trends, as well as a close examination of information created during the operation. Creation and provision of wikipedia.

Think 4

UIUX Improvement

■Setting personas and building a system to develop services with all employees working together
■Improvement to expand the range of conditions selected by customers
■Support for manualization of sales talks for digital collaboration
■Optimization verification of management screens, optimization of items, search axes, input forms, etc., and measures to improve usability
■Propose new measures such as chatbots, video implementation, and other functional additions

Think 5

WEB x Marketing

■Media use & product information posting and IT seminars (joint seminars, etc., to propose services to business partners)
■Third-party proposals aimed at improving user convenience, increasing Web service recognition, and building branding
■Support for creating product information (formatting to enable implementation from the first product posting, including points of attraction when creating product information, precautions, how to include keywords, where to list them (where they should be listed), how to list the number of characters, etc.) Support from creation (EC site)

WEB x Marketing

IT Digital Domain

■Support for improvement of web services
■Support for content development
■Proposal of additional function implementation
■Service operation support
■Support for building linkage with external services

WEB x Marketing

Marketing Domain

We will plan, formulate, execute, and verify marketing initiatives, and operate the PDCA cycle. The following is a list of areas we are capable of handling after dividing the work into phases.

Customer Creation Domain
・Formulation of new customer attraction channels such as omni-channel
・Customer data collection and analysis
・(Google, SNS enhancement, new service development)

Attracting customers and strengthening exposure
Special feature planning (campaigns by product and customer needs = web service enhancement and UI development)
・New service planning
・User data collection (video ads, SNS ads)
・PDCA cycle proposal for online domain (online customer service enhancement, PR strategy planning)

Limited to 3 companies supported each month

Website Creation

毎月限定3社対応 WEBサイト開発 株式会社SHISEILABO


Monthly limited support for 3 companies Website development

¥50,000 ¥180,000


Requirement definition and overall design

To be determined:Define the service, service name, and service value. Determine the operation method and KPIs.

■Correspondence contents:Requirement definition document, creation of overall design document, creation of system specification document, creation of foundation for operation rules, creation of KPI tree

■Scope of services:Web applications, web services, smartphone applications (we can also update existing management systems and develop new services)


Infrastructure & Security Design

To be determined:Operational methods, target servers, target operating systems

■Correspondence contents:Server design, construction, configuration, applying security patches, building security environments such as firewalls, and creating infrastructure design documents

■Scope of services:Handle design documentation, server construction, and post-construction maintenance and operation (any target server is acceptable). (Supportable OS: Mac OSX, CentOS, windowsOS, redhatlinux) Coding of bash and batch scripts is also acceptable. In addition, operational management by log rotation, installation of firewalls, and security patching.


Development (front and server)

Decide: Who will be responsible for the project?, Operator (responsible person), development cycle, man-hours, design

■What we do: Coding, front-end development, non-coding, design coding ゙, server side, building a test environment, building a demo environment if necessary


Testing, delivery and implementation

Decide:Test environment QA support method, production environment QA support method, implementation date, and other schedule management

■What we do: Test and production environment QA, etc.