Legal notice

Service provider name:SHISEI LABO Co., Ltd.
Business hours:24 hours a day, 365 days a year Product shipping date:Monday to Friday Product shipping correspondence time:Weekdays 8:30 to 17:30
Distributor:SHISEI LABO Co., Ltd.
Operation manager:Kazu Takeyama (Takeyama Wataru)
Seller location:5-12-8 Nakazato, Tendo-shi, Yamagata 994-0064 Phone number:050-3136-2008
payment method:
・ Credit card payment (VISA, Master Card, Amex)
・ Carrier payment (SoftBank Mobile, docomo, au)
・ Apple Pay, Google Pay
Price other than products (shipping, handling, etc.)
・ Consumption tax (separate from the product price)
・ Domestic shipping fee:Depends on packing weight and area

[About shipping charges in EMS-compatible areas]
Shipping fee:Depends on weight ・ Up to 1.0kg:4100 yen ・ 1.0kg to 5.5kg:17800 yen ・ 5.5kg to 6.0kg:19300 yen ・ 6.0kg to 10.0kg:27700 yen ・ 10.0kg to 20.0kg:48700 yen・ 20.0kg to 30.0kg:69700 yen

Supported countries:As of October 2020 Delivery days:4 to 6 days Indonesia, South Korea, Cambodia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, Macau, Andra, Man Island, Jersey, Cook, Mauritius, New Zealand, Canada, Qatar, Turkey, Lebanon, Iceland, Italy, UK, Estonia, Austria, Croatia, San Marino, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Hungary, Finland, France, Bulgaria, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Monaco, Latvia, Lithuania, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Ecuador, Egypt, Ghana, Gabon, Kenya, Cote d'Ivoire, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Togo, Nigeria, Madagascar ,South Africa
* Customs duties may be paid separately by the customer in their own country.

[To the United States]
It will be delivered by sea mail.
Shipping fee:Depends on weight ・ Up to 1.0kg:1800 yen ・ 1.0kg to 6.0kg:5000 yen ・ 6.0kg to 10.0kg:7000 yen ・ 10.0kg to 20.0kg:11000 yen ・ 20.0kg to 30.0kg:15000 yen

Delivery time:Approximately 2 months
* Customs duties for $ 800 or more may be paid separately to the customer in their own country.
Payment time/deadline/credit card:At the time of payment (varies by credit card company)
・ Carrier payment:At the time of payment (varies depending on the mobile phone contract company)
・ Apple Pay, Google Pay:At the time of payment

Product delivery time Shipped within 1 week after payment is confirmed * However, in the case of pre-ordered products, we will ship at the most seasonal time.
Return:Within 14 days of arrival