Refund policy

[About product cancellation/return/exchange]

  1. Basically, we do not accept returns unless the products we handle are defective.

  2. Please note that regardless of the preceding paragraph, we cannot accept cancellations for the following products.
    ・ Products that have been used ・ Products that have been used for more than 21 days after arrival ・ Products that have been scratched or soiled by the customer ・ Products that do not have a package (bag/case) ・ Other products that are returned to the product introduction page Products that clearly state that they cannot be used

  3. Refunds will be made within 3 business days as required, depending on the payment method.

[About service cancellation/refund]

  1. When you sign up for a service online, we basically do not accept refunds.

President and CEO Kazu Takeyama